Review has earned a lot of negative feedbacks. The company owns zero trust value due to it's controversial refund policy and plagiarized contents.
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Conclusion deserves a score of only 2.9 out of 10. They definitely are not worth the money they charge.

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4869, yet another online writing website that frequently pops up on the internet. At first glance, the website looks legit. As you browse further you will notice a lot of irrelevant and repetitive content. If you look at the website reviews, you could find nothing but 5-star reviews but most of them are fake just to attract more traffic to the website. So, is it worth investing in their services? let’s test out and see if their service is legit or just a sham.

Service Review

To know about their services, check out the price calculator and the drop-down menu list on the top right-hand corner of the website. They claim to offer all kinds of academic services. Let’s find out.

Academic writing services like articles, essays, bibliography, dissertation, editing, proofreading, movie reviews, resumes, multiple-choice questions, rewriting, etc. The list is long, but given the number of active writers on the website, it is quite doubtful that they can deliver the work on time.

They claim to hire only ENL (native English-speaking) writers for their website. For high-quality content, they guarantee PhD and subject experts. This comes as a surprise given their history of plagiarized content and dissatisfied customers.

They claim to offer 100% plagiarism-free content. However, there are plenty of reports where customers have received highly plagiarized content and we are not talking about 5 to 10% plagiarism, but entire sections. Writers only use sources and they simply copy and rewrite the contents.

They write for all academic levels from high school to doctoral content. Regarding this, we have got mixed reviews. Many students pursuing a doctorate or a PhD program have reported that their papers are of very poor quality and full of grammatical errors. They believe that the writers are only freelancers or students who work part-time for money and the idea of PhD writers is just a bluff. guarantees that they always deliver on time. They have a 3-hour delivery service which is impressive but it is best to avoid it. Due to the short deadline, the writers generally paraphrase or simply copy-paste contents and deliver the assignments. As a result, there are serious issues of plagiarism and the articles get rejected.

Like other websites, they promise to keep all customer details and information confidential.

24/7 customer support team. They have a live chat option but the customer executives are hardly online. They put you in a queue and you have to wait for minutes to get a response.

Writing Quality proudly claims that they have a team of expert writers who deliver high-quality content for their customers. According to them, their writing staff are industry experts, have PhDs, and can write for any academic level. They further add that they adhere to strict writing guidelines and deliver only 100% plagiarism-free authentic articles. However, the website does not mention the academic qualifications or any information about the writers. They have mentioned that their writers are freelancers who provide their expertise to the company. The writers have a unique ID but apart from that, there is no other information available on the site. So, how can we judge the credibility of a writer? It seems like they have a handful of writers and the same team of writers write for all academic levels, and hence the poor quality of work.

The website further claims that they only hire native English speakers but in reality, the writers are freelancers working from ESL countries like India, Nigeria, Kenya, etc. The assignments are often incomplete, inconsistent with the topics, and poorly structured with a lot of grammatical errors. This is because the writers are not committed and do not have the required qualifications to handle academic assignments.

Money-back Guarantee

The refund policy section looks fishy and complicated. It is advisable to read the terms and conditions carefully before putting an order. There are plenty of loopholes in their refund policy, probably a strategy to cheat their customers. A customer can get only 70% compensation if a writer has been assigned to the order. This seems unfair given the slow response rate of the customer support team. Customers complain that they have to repeatedly message and follow up with the customer care officials to register a complaint and the whole process gets delayed and by that time the company has already assigned a writer. Hence, they only get 70% compensation. This is nothing but a tactic to harass the customers and deprive them of their rightful compensation. Furthermore, in case of long deliveries like a 14-day delivery period, the compensation is only 7% which I think is a meager amount and does not justify the late submission of the writer in any way.   

They have a separate section for bad-quality claims which I think is quite obvious given the huge number of poor-quality assignments they deliver. For bad quality, if an article has been previously sent for revision, the company will only pay you 70% of the compensation. The company believes that if an article was sent for revision, the customer has partially approved the article and therefore, cannot claim full compensation. So, does that mean the customers have to pay service charges and accept a poor quality only because the writer is not academically qualified to deliver the assignment?

There is another clause for bad grades. The company does not pay any compensation for bad grades. According to them, the articles they deliver are only for reference purposes and not for submissions. This seems ridiculous. Why do you think the students are purchasing the assignments? So, even if you get an F in your college exams, the company won’t be liable for your bad grades. This seems highly illogical and makes us question the authenticity of the writers. 


They charge $12.99 per page for a 14-day delivery which is not cheap given their poor quality. The prices vary according to the number of pages ordered, academic levels, deadline, and quality. They charge 25% extra for premium writers and 30% for top 10 writers. Now, do not fall for their trap. They use the same team of writers to write their assignments for different academic levels. So, the writer who is writing a college essay will also write a PhD research paper and charge more. This is not only unethical but also a complete waste of money and may hamper your grades. For urgent writers, they charge $9.99 extra.

There is a one-time discount of 15% on your first order. Customers are also eligible for lifetime discounts that may range from 5 to 15% depending on the number of pages they order. However, many customers have complained the discounts schemes are fake and that they have not received any discounts even after ordering more than 100 pages.

Support Staff

You have to be very patient with the support staff. They have an online chat system like other writing services but you have to wait more than half an hour to get a response. Sometimes, the staff members are rude especially when you are asking for discounts and refunds. Most of the time the writers are not online. So, if you have a query or you want to give an instruction, it is best to email them and if you are lucky, you may get an answer.


Like other websites, they accept all kinds of payment options like VISA, Mastercard, debit, or bank credit cards.

The site does not use your personal information.


The site is not eye-catchy and uses too much irrelevant information.

Poor quality of work. Most of the writers are freelancers working part-time. The site does not mention the academic qualifications of the writers and uses fake profiles.

Do not provide plagiarism reports. You have to pay $29.99 for originality reports which are quite steep and very difficult to pay for a student.

A lot of complaints of plagiarized content. Most of the writers rephrase and rewrite the contents and sometimes just copy-paste entire chapters and this is a reason why the articles are heavily plagiarized.

Unprofessional and rude support staff. The chatbox is only for show and they hardly respond to your queries.

Delay in delivery. Many customers complain of unusual delays in deliveries and when asked for compensation, the writers and support team come up with excuses.

Fake refund policy. There are a lot of reports where the customers have been totally duped and they have not received their refunds from the company.

Final Verdict

So, is a legit service? My answer is no. First of all, the company does not have a registered office address and a toll-free number that hardly answers your calls. So, this is a red alarm and you may think twice before purchasing an order. Don’t expect to get decent-quality work from The writer profiles are fake. They are under-qualified and the contents are highly plagiarized.

The money-back policy does not guarantee you a refund and there is a lot of discrepancy in their terms and conditions. The website has already earned a bad reputation for its fake reviews and poor quality of work. The prices are also quite expensive, especially for an average student. The company continues to get negative feedback and it is best to avoid their services.