Writing service is below average. Customer service clearly does not compensate. Overall, a very negative experience.
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Do not rely on this organisation and any of the claims they make. Students should look for reliable essay writing services at competitive costs.

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About provide academic writing services online. Registered in Randla, Estonia, the company is owned and operated by SEOhub. Surprisingly, this is all the information provided about the company. You may search the whole website, but it appears this company has deliberately avoided the details.

Although it seems they have been around for some time, classyessaywriter has not made a significant contribution in the field of academic writing services. Consumers may stumble upon this company inadvertently; it is certainly not one of those authentic and well-regarded essay-writing companies that make it to a good rank during an internet search.

It is perhaps okay if the site is not so popular, but one cannot overlook a bad reputation. When we scratched the surface, we found the organisation has been ticked off repeatedly for bad customer support and poor quality of writers. We sought to do a detailed analysis on all dimensions of their service and delivery so that prospective clients can take an informed decision. To learn more about what have to offer, read our review below carefully.

Services they offer

Classyessaywriter have branded themselves as “your personal tutor online”. They have positioned themselves as service providers from A to Z of what students may need in their school or university education. They claim to provide not just high-level academic essays but also assist students with simple tasks. This portrays that the company does not offer any niche services as they are struggling to find a foothold in the market. One never knows because they keep you guessing regarding the inception details of the organisation. No information is a red flag.

According to the website, they claim to have worked with different kinds of academic content. They attribute this to their highly qualified and professional team. For instance, some of their essay writing services include:

Research papers

Term papers

All type of essays




They claim to offer bespoke services in writing, editing, proofreading, revising, rewriting, and reviewing.

About their writers

Here again, we found the profile of their team sketchy. It appears they underestimate the intelligence of their prospective clients.

Classyessaywriter makes lofty proclamations about the skill and qualification of their writers. Apart from mentioning that they are native English writers, they proudly claim their writers are highly qualified with domain specialisation.  Unfortunately, there is nothing on the site that can suitably support this claim. The profile of the writers is missing which is a big loophole. So, it is difficult to assume that all this is authentic information.

What are their positives?

A first time site visitor may not find it difficult to browse the site and make a note of the offerings.

Executing the payment for orders is an easy process. The company patronises most popularly used credit and debit cards, therefore customers can complete the payment formalities without glitches.

Company is enthusiastic to take on even simple tasks to help students at the high school and university level.

What are their negatives?

Dubious company details

In a business based on trust and transparency, classyessaywriter  has revealed nothing about the organisation. Apart from an address mentioned on the website, readers have no clue about the inception of the company, their founders or clients. They may just be around for a short while, make money and vanish. There is nothing customers have to chase them.

Plagiarised content

Plagiarism is taboo and with respect to academic content, it can completely jeopardise students’ ambition. Plagiarism is a crime in the writing industry. has a bad reputation for producing plagiarized content more often than not.  The content delivered by this company is rewritten three out of five times. Some of the essays submitted were copied verbatim from the sites. Even when the management has received many complaints of plagiarism, it appears they are doing precious little to change it.

Missing deadlines

Students seek help because they are unable to produce content for their academic submissions needed in different formats in a timely manner. This is because of their hectic university schedules and examinations. Many submissions are made in the last minute after several follow-ups. The organisation does not look into these matters and any request for compensation for these late deliveries is unattended.

Quality of writing

Classyessaywriters are below average in their writing quality. This is not just our opinion. Most reviews have rated their quality of writing very badly. Even though, the organisation speaks highly of their selection process in hiring only native English writers, the quality of language is abysmally low.

Further, most submissions were found to be abrupt and incomplete. There were glaring grammatical and typographical errors in the delivered content that tutors grade poorly.  References and citations lend credibility to the content. Here, it appears they do not give importance to these matters or deliberately omit them altogether. Although the organisation claims to have a strict selection procedure, it appears they have a very casual approach towards the educational background of writers. While evaluating the quality of the work they produce, we are forced to think that they hire cheaper options such as freelancers, part-timers or even high school kids that have some time to spare and want to make a quick buck.

Some of the unforgivable omissions are irrelevance to the topic at hand, and chunks of plagiarised content just lifted off books, journals and the World Wide Web. It shows indifference to students’ future and is akin to playing dirty in a significant part of their education.

Pricing and Discounts

The base price for editing a college essay of just 1 page and approximately about 275 words starts at $11.49. Writing the same from scratch will be about $23.99  and proofreading is about $10.49. A promo code as a gateway to what they say is an attractive discount awaits the user. On this site, what flashed prominently was a save15 code, customers stand to get a 15% off on the first order. They have a three-tier quality level – standard, premium and platinum, which attracts a separate price. 

Students are usually on shoestring budgets. However, they do not mind stretching if the benefit of quality and timeliness helps them in their educational journey, Reviews from students show that classyessaywriter is not value for money or time invested. If students need to redo the task, it is good money spent on bad.

Customer reviews reveal that their discount offer is a bit unreliable. If students are lucky, they get it. Rest need to follow up and sometimes with their hectic schedules they just give up the chase. Doesn’t look like a win-win proposition, does it?

Guarantee of refunds

They appear to have covered all important points in the guarantee section of terms and conditions.   They have expressed clearly their stance on the conditions to get your money back. For instance, the terms and conditions state that the customer will get a 100% refund if the organisation fails to deliver or delivers 12 hours later than the deadline. Although they state that customers can request a refund within 14 days of the order or delivery, most of the time such requests are not answered. There was no acknowledgement of the issue, leave alone providing the rightful money back. 

Although the policies exist on paper, customers are at the receiving end. Many do not receive the dues for months on end. Reviews show that customers are frustrated making numerous enquiries for what is rightfully their due. The refund policy is fake.  Clearly, the enthusiasm and interest shown initially before the customer placed the order to the reality of poor service in due course, paints this organisation in a very poor light.

Customer Support

A chat box greets online users. It pops us immediately with prompts. It was our experience that some of our questions had some readymade answers. Upon deeper questioning, we were told that an online customer service representative would soon be online to discuss our queries. It turned out to be an endless wait; the chatbox barely spoke after the initial round. This was not just a rare occurrence. 8 out of 10 times, the online customer care service went to sleep.

On a scale of 1 to 10, customer support stands at one. Apart from not providing a solution or addressing concerns, the attitude of support staff was abominable, to say the least. If nothing, they need to be trained in courtesy and politeness. Customer reviews show that the staff was outright unprofessional and high handed in their communication with customers.

Further, emails to the writers did not meet with timely responses. It appears the writers are indifferent to queries after they begin work on the order. The company is perfectly okay with slack customer support. Whatever it is, students face the brunt of this behaviour, as they need to deal with negativity from tutors. They not only are ticked off but also are poorly graded. Students cannot hold their heads high during their academic journey.

Overall score: 2.5/10

Final Verdict

What is our advice to students? It probably appears that classyessaywriter fit the bill, but once writers engage with them it leaves them with more stress and expenditure. Classyessaywriter should not ideally be in the reckoning of students that aspire for higher grades in their assignments and overall performance.

You cannot trust this organisation and any of the claims they make. Students should look for other essay writing services that offer better services at competitive costs.