Review is not a reliable service. The papers are not delivered on time, poor work ethics, and lousy customer service.
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Conclusion is not trustworthy and we do not recommend their services.

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We first came to know about when a friend suggested their name. No, it was not because of their outstanding service or great reviews, the reason was quite the opposite. Our friend had ordered an essay and in return, he received a completely plagiarized paper. The website also refused any refunds. Digging further, we found out that there were several online testimonials from real customers that suggested that the company has terrible customer service and hires only average writers. However, we believe that most of these online reviews are not trustworthy and are fake. So, before drawing any conclusion, we decided to have a closer look at the website.

Our first impression was that the website looked almost perfect. When we scrolled down the webpage, we could only find rave reviews, 5-star ratings, and exceptional writers which were very hard to believe given their online reputation. So, do we recommend To find out, keep on reading our detailed review.

General Information

The website provides a long list of academic as well as non-academic services for students as well as businesses. Academic services include dissertations, essay writing, research paper, editing, proofreading, formatting services, etc. Non-academic services include resume writing, copywriting, etc. But is their service reliable? Can they deliver the work on time? No – we have reviewed numerous online complaints where customers have reported that the contents they received are plagiarized and stolen from other websites and are often completely different from the actual topic.

The website allegedly has more than 260 writers which are hard to believe given the number of reports regarding late submissions. The company claims that they hire writers who are graduates or have a PhD or Master’s degree. The writers have years of experience in academic writing and promise to deliver only original content. But one of the biggest drawbacks of this website is its quality of work.

If you need any assistance, there is a live chat option where you can directly talk with the support staff. You can also mail them or contact them at their toll-free number. But unlike other websites, has a lousy customer care service, where the support staff is never online. Customers have to leave messages and they generally respond back after an hour or so.

Writing Quality

Are the writers reliable? We decided to test them ourselves. So, we placed an order. We asked them to write a literature review and the result was disappointing. Not only the writer was unprofessional, but he had no clue about the subject matter or the topic that was assigned to him. It seemed that their writers are the best fit for resume writing or rewriting services.

The writer was unqualified to handle the subject and on top of that, he submitted the paper two days after the due date. Even after a late submission, the paper was full of grammatical errors and a major portion was plagiarized. The writer has copied almost two paragraphs from another source and what surprised us that the writer did not even bother to check the originality of the paper could be easily done with a plagiarism checker.

They also claim that hire only native English-speaking writers who are experts in their respective fields. Their writers have PhD or Master’s degrees and only generate 100% original content. But, in spite of all that, the website does not provide any background information about their writers. They do not mention the educational qualification or work experience of the writers. Given the poor quality of work and basic formatting errors, we believe that they hire cheap writers or part-timers who are mostly college students.

If we look into some genuine reviews from other sites, there are a lot of grievances regarding the quality of work. Customers have complained that they have received incomplete works where there is no mention of citations or bibliography.

Prices and Discounts

The prices start at $12.99 for one page or 275 words. The prices gradually go up depending on the number of pages you order and the deadline. We anticipate that the rates are affordable because their writers are not so qualified compared to other websites.

They offer a one-time discount of 18% on first orders. You have to use their promo code. Other than that, there are lifetime discounts of 5 to 15% for returning customers. The discounts depend on the number of pages you order.

Customer Care

Their customer care service is horrible. Like many other websites, they have a live chat option but let me warn you, you may have to wait more than an hour to get a response. In my case, they took more than 20 minutes to confirm the order. Other customers especially those who are registering a complaint or asking for a refund, have reported that the support staff are very impolite and rarely get back to you even after constant follow-ups.

Refund Policy

They guarantee to compensate customers on matters of late delivery, bad quality, and order cancellations. But is their refund policy legit? The company has a lot of escape clauses and we advise you to go through their refund policy thoroughly before purchasing an order.

For order cancellations, you may get 100% compensation only if the company has not assigned a writer to your order. If a writer has been assigned, the compensation is 70%. This is just another plot to swindle money from the customers. Once, you place an order, there is no way to get back a 100% refund as a writer is automatically assigned to your order.

For late deliveries, the compensation is 7% for long-term orders like a 14-day delivery. For bad- quality products, the QA team will conduct a thorough investigation before releasing any compensation. However, if your order has been sent for revision, you will get only 70% compensation.

There is no refund for bad grades. The company claims that since the papers ordered are only for reference purposes and not for submission, the customers are not entitled to any refund for bad grades.


They accept all kinds of VISA, Mastercard, debit/credit cards, and wire transfers.

The website has an attractive layout.


The writing quality is extremely poor. They claim that their writers are native English speakers from UK and USA with Masters or PhD degrees. But in reality, they are college students or undergrads who are freelancing for the website.

Plagiarized content. Many customers have reported that the work they have received is heavily plagiarized and many of the papers have been rejected due to copyright issues.

The company has not mentioned its registered office address anywhere on the website. It is hard to trust a company that does not even have an official address.

Lousy customer care. Extremely poor communication between writers, support staff, and the customers. You have to wait for hours to get a response from the support agents.

Slow delivery of work. There are many complaints of late deliveries where customers have received their papers even after 5 days from the due date.

Plagiarism report is not free. Though the website states that the order package includes a plagiarism report, but you have to pay $29.99 extra for an originality report.

A lot of inconsistency in the refund policy.

The free revisions are just a scam. Customers have complained that even after repetitive requests, the writers did not edit the papers. 

Final Verdict

So, do we recommend Definitely not. Our paper was delivered on time but was full of errors and so we requested a free revision. However, the writer failed to identify the mistakes and we finally had to edit the paper ourselves. A lot of their work is based on rewriting. We also found out that their work is not authentic and they copy content from other sources. So, the originality reports are probably fake. We do not recommend their services.

Overall Score – 2.5/10