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Oxbridge Essays is an old timer and a legitimate academic content service provider. Yet, they need to improve a lot before they can be the first choice for prospective clients.
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Oxbridge Essays is only providing average service to clients, although they could do a lot better.

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About Oxbridge Essays

There are innumerable players in the academic essay writing services industry. Obviously, the demand for essay writing services has grown phenomenally. The demand is mainly due to the paucity of time and expertise among students who need to submit mandatory academic assignments, essays, reviews, and such content within a stipulated timeframe.

Although there are many academic content service providers, not all of them are as good as they claim to be. More often than not, many of them do not have the expertise to deliver academic content. It is here that our reviews help in evaluating the veracity of those in this business.

Oxbridge Essays is a United Kingdom-based essay writing service. Part of the Oxbridge Research Group LTD, the company has a registered office in Central London. The essay writing services division started 10 years ago with a vision to help the student community from schools, colleges, and universities with their High school, Undergraduate, Postgraduate, and Master’s programs.

This is a review of Oxbridge Essays. Learn more about them from our detailed research, experience, and scouring through chunks of data to give you an account of whether they are a legit service or not.

Services they offer

The services they offer are categorized under three different heads -Writing services, Editing services, and Additional services.  The services are clearly categorized with a description of what they offer under each head.

Writing Services


Essay Plans

Essay Writing Services

PhD Proposals

Dissertation Writing Services

Model Exam Answers

Editing Services

Academic Editing Service

Proofreading Service

Editing Service

Additional Services

Marking Services

Consultation Calls

Personal Statements

However, the service offerings are common across most Essay writing organizations, Oxbridge essay’s additional services caught our attention. Let us analyze this service.

If a student opts for ‘Marking services’, the paper is marked or graded by an experienced academician. This way the student is aware of how the papers are graded and can analyze the performance with a view to improving it.

Consultation is another service that enables students to have a face-to-face discussion with experts at Oxbridge and get answers to their queries or concerns.

Writing personal statements is a unique service by Oxbridge essays. They offer this unique service to all clients through their sister concern, ‘Oxbridge Personal statements’. Personal statements are like a brand ambassador so it needs to be detailed and impressive. Oxbridge is confident to carry out the task of providing personal statements to UCAS applicants and those that are applying to Oxford and Cambridge. They are also open to helping international students that aspire to apply to a University in the United Kingdom.

Team of Writers

They claim to have slowly but steadily built a team of well-qualified academic writers. They claim to have sourced their writers initially from the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. Later to expand the range of subjects, the company claims to have hired writers from other places. They claim to hire only top academic writers. On the website, they have made a confession that they hire only 4%of the academics that apply to ask for a job.

Unfortunately, all this information becomes irrelevant without the profile of writers, their competencies, qualification, and reviews. What is important for students is to make informed decisions. In the absence of data such as the domain specialization of writers, or the number of writers in each subject, and the orders processed, the prospective client will just be shooting in the dark.

Customer support

Oxbridge Essays has an active chat box that pops up when we click on the website. Apart from this service, customers are also encouraged to walk in and consult with academic experts to get a better appreciation of their services. The organization is perfectly okay to address the concerns of students or solve issues face to face.

They also have a dedicated customer call-in telephone number, which they have displayed on the website.

Prices and Discounts

Students have the option to pay while making the order or even later. The price follows a different kind of slab in Oxbridge Essays. Once the user chooses the subject desired, you need to make a choice of the grade and the delivery date. The payment for the order is dependent on these two factors.

For instance, we wanted an essay with a standard grade, and we got two tariffs. If we wanted the delivery of the essay in 6 hours and 12 hours respectively with entirely different rates. For instance, if a student desires a standard grade of 2:1 (60 to 64%) for a 1000 word essay at the undergraduate level to be delivered in 6 hours, the cost of this service will be £ 380. Another example, if you need a literature review in 12 hours with 1500 words and delivery in 12 hours, the expected grade of merit (60 to 64%) price is £620

At  Oxbridge Essays, you will not find a special tab containing discounts and special offers. As you read the content on the webpage, there is an allusion to ‘affordable costs and nice bonuses’, but you will not find a list with discounts. The greatest majority of top reputable writing services companies offer at least free title pages, free bibliography, and free editing.

Payment modalities

Oxbridge essays can receive payment for their orders using  Visa, Mastercard or Sage pay. Customers can also fill out the order form by visiting the office and making the payment.

Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions page is quite explicit.  Free revisions and alterations are possible only if the request is made within 10 days of delivery of the essay or academic content. If the request for revision is received after 10 days or 240 hours, then revisions will attract an additional cost. If the possibility of alteration is not even mentioned at the time of order, by the client, then Oxbridge has the right to completely refuse alteration of any sort.

Refund Policy

Oxbridge does not take any responsibility for delayed submissions. According to the policy mentioned, the company does not accept any responsibility for the consequences due to late delivery of services. In their opinion, a client accepts such risks when they sign up for services from Oxbridge Essays.

The company observes a very strict ‘no refund policy’ for their services or products. Even if they fail to deliver an essay or dissertation, the decision to refund or not refund is left to the discretion of The Oxbridge Research Group Ltd.

Privacy policy

The Oxbridge Research Group Ltd. has assured confidentiality of all data pertaining to clients. The company has declared that it will not wilfully reveal it to any third party. They commit to secrecy and the information will not be divulged to anyone outside the company.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews from trusted sites such as Site jabber reveal that clients are extremely dissatisfied with the services from Oxbridge Essays. One disgruntled Ph.D. student has expressed how the company had completely messed up with the essay. It had a lot of grammatical errors and spelling mistakes, which could have been avoided.

Further, their customer support is better if a client visits their office in person.

Another review from the Essays scam completely puts down this service. A dissertation ordered through them had cost the client more than £1000. The submitted dissertation had many unacceptable mistakes. The organization was not able to do anything to better the delivery and it turned out to be a big setback for the client.


An active blog page with many posts that serve as guides to students

Simple user-friendly website that is easy to navigate.

Information is easy to find

Safe method to make payments for orders

Terms and conditions have covered most important aspects


Writer profiles lend authenticity to an academic writing services company. A company that boasts of quality work has no profiles of essay writers on the website.

Very vague about subjects they cover. All that they say on the site is “they cover all subjects for nothing is too specialised or too obscure”

No samples are published on site

No mention anywhere on the site if they accept  e-wallet payment options such as PayPal , This are safer options during online transactions

No special offers or discounts. Most essay writing companies, offer a few parts of the academic content free. For instance, some of them offer free revisions, editing, bibliography, and title page. Oxbridge Essays surprisingly does not offer any of these packages

Overall Score


Final Verdict

Oxbridge Essays is a legitimate organization in the online academic content business. Even though they are around for a decade, their growth and impact in these years have not been significant. There are fewer positive reviews and feedback from clients about their service. It appears some of their policies with respect to refunds and revision are very strict and do not offer any advantage to the customers. Their range of services is impressive with a provision to offer physical consultation with experts in their registered office. We were not so impressed with Oxbridge Essays. The absence of Writer ratings and profiles lingers as a drawback for a site that claims to be in this trade for a decade.