Projectsdeal require complete revamping and improvement to be considered by students. The experience with their services is disappointing to put it mildly
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Its a bad deal if you choose to partner with Projectsdeal for your University academic submissions. It is wise to explore and put your essays in safe hands.

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About appears to have been established in 2001 as a ‘Dissertation Writing Service’ in the United Kingdom. They appear to have started with a vision to help University students get a head start into their educational journey with the service of providing essays, term papers, and other types of academic assignments to enable them secure good grades.

The site appears to be a bit too optimistic and makes us question if all the vision and mission statements really hold water. Have students really benefited from their services? One also wants to question the confidence with which they have labelled themselves gold standard in this field. As they claim, result is all that matters. Arguably, the results do not speak very highly in the essay writing services industry. Many student reviews and our very own experiences border on the negative and do not corroborate some of their tall claims. The reasons will unfold in this review as we address each area of their services to highlight the truth.

Services they offer

It appears they offer everything under the sun! To a novice client that goes on their website the services will seem quite exhaustive. For instance, some of their essay writing services include:




Dissertation Topics

Dissertation Examples

Dissertation Structure


PhD Proposal

PhD Thesis

Assignment Help

Like many others in this industry, projectsdeal also claims to deliver timely authentic content. 


Presence from 2001

Willingness to take up simple tasks

User-friendly website

Glaring negatives

The site boasts of specialist writers in each of the areas they service in essay writing. Unfortunately, the turnout of deliverables was found wanting in quality and content. Some of the glaring negative experiences were as follows:

Inadequate research

Substandard content

Several Iterations

Client intervention needed at every level

Micromanagement from client till submission

Delayed submissions

Unsatisfactory grades

It makes us want to question the range of writing services they offer. They claim to help students even with the simplest of proofreading. They appear to be a generalist writing service, yet they position themselves as the best dissertation writing company in The United Kingdom.

Poor quality

There can be no compromise on quality when it comes to essay and academic submissions. The essays scored very poorly and were found to lack the required research on the subject. The content was not structured and written at the expected academic level. It appears Projectsdeal has not matched the skill and qualification of the writers appropriately. Further, there were spelling errors all through the essay. We looked through reviews and were shocked to find that others had similar experiences with this company. Plagiarism, which is a serious offence in university submissions, was often the case with deliveries from projects deal. Most of the time customers wanted the money back.

Unprofessional writers

It appears projects deal need to adopt more stringent selection techniques when they select writers. Although, they claim to have writers with the highest qualification in their respective subjects, university tutors rated the academic work submitted poorly. The content not only lacked research, but also language, style and structure.

Unstructured review and editing

We found that the essays and academic content delivered by Projectsdeal need to go through several layers of review and editing. Although the writers were willing to perform the rework and editing, often the revised submission came back with the same mistakes. The experience of receiving the final piece from Projectsdeal after the rounds of editing was nothing short of an ordeal. Even though they claim to have the most experienced writers in the Industry, the extent of errors in their submissions tells a different story.

University submissions need to be on time. Reviews show that a lot of follow up was needed each time until the finished product actually arrived. The company makes a big deal of their prompt service, which in reality was found to be substandard in several areas. These stressful experiences might deter students from approaching them for assistance with assignments.

Unaffordable Pricing

There appeared to be no parity in pricing. We found that this writing service was a huge rip off on students especially when their services and quality was not commensurate with the cost. We found that a simple 500-word essay to be submitted within a week timeframe was close to £300

Inadequate Customer Support

Projects deal offers support and service to students via a dedicated 24×7 chat window, email, Whatsapp and a toll free phone number. They have also enabled a Skype Id for students to call in or chat . They appear to be present on several social media platforms although there seem to be very little interactions on them.

It has been our experience that many an important query or communication met with a tepid response or none at all . Some of the urgent emails for assistance went unanswered for days. We found the response a bit unprofessional and this lowers their credibility beyond repair.

Not easy Refunds

Although the site mentions money-back guarantee, it is not easy to get your money back.  The terms and conditions seem straightforward on the face of it, but practically it is almost impossible to get a complete refund for unsatisfactory submissions. Most of the conditions for money back are not practical but students often fail to read between the lines until it is already late.

Fictitious address

The address mentioned on the site is a United Kingdom location. It appears there is no office as they claim on the site. This has not been our experience alone. There are many reviews which have flagged this site as a scam, with a completely fake address. One review also says the company is not real, which needs to be viewed very seriously.

Customer Reviews

Eight out of ten reviews from customers are negative. A particular review from a customer works negatively for Projectsdeal. The review explicitly warns people from working with this company.

Some of the obvious issues with the quality of their service showed up as too many grammatical errors, content which did not have any relevance to the topic. In one particular customer experience, Projectsdeal took nearly 3 days to even acknowledge an email request for some urgent corrections. The delivery was inordinately delayed after the request for corrections , and needed many follow-ups before it was sent . Further, shockingly the corrections made were incomplete. There were hardly any changes and the mistakes were still present in the article.

Some overriding questions that can haunt a user’s mind incessantly, can an essay writing service blatantly put their profits ahead of a student’s credibility and career ? Some of the student reviews reveal the dealings are not trustworthy and the students should ideally tread with caution.

 Overall Rating


Final Verdict

It is very important for clients to get the complete picture of offerings from Projectsdeal . Students cannot afford to make a mistake in selecting their service provider; it can translate to a very poor performance in their study program.

Considering all aspects of quality of content, pricing and the customer experiences, we will be doing a great injustice if we recommend the service of Projectsdeal. Students must put on their thinking cap and choose their writing associate with prudence, because poorly graded essays or plagiarised ones is a very big price to pay.