Review is a below-average writing service. The company is not trustworthy and has a very bad reputation for lousy customer service and poor writing quality.
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Conclusion deserves only a score of 2.1 out of 10. We do not recommend this website.

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4869 is an online writing company. Based in the UK, the company is yet to make a mark in the industry and is still an unknown name given the number of years it is operating in the market. It is not a popular name that pops up on the internet when you search for a writing service. After further research, we found out that the company has also managed to earn a bad reputation during their short tenure and this may be due to their poor writing quality and customer service. Throughout this review process, we have done extensive research and analysis of the company to give you a clear picture of its services and reputation. So, to find out more, we suggest you read our detailed review about

Company Overview

When you visit the website, it looks decent, however, the first thing that strikes you is that they are only charging £10.12 per page which is surprisingly low compared to other sites. They also offer a discount of 20% on first orders. If you look into some of the similar sites, the majority of them offer a first-time discount of 15%. It is one of the cheapest services we have come across on the internet. We believe that the company does not have a good reputation and it is only a tactic to attract customers to their website.

It appears that the website provides all kinds of academic as well as non-academic services. From writing articles, essays, dissertation papers to resume, press releases, product reviews, etc. and the list is endless. It appears that they have too much on their plate and it is doubtful how much they can handle.

They claim that all of their writers are highly qualified PhD and MA students but you will find no credible information about them on the website. The writers have a unique ID and it is very difficult to assess the credibility of a writer just by an ID number.

The company has mentioned on the website that they are based in UK but why didn’t they provide their registered office address anywhere on the site? This is a clear warning that the company is lying about its location or may not be even located in the UK.

At the end of the page, there is also a small disclaimer where they have mentioned that their service is legit and it is entirely the student’s responsibility in how they use the completed work of the writers. Given their bad reputation, it seems that they are in fact begging customers to hire their services. 

Writing Quality

The company owns a very bad online reputation regarding its writing quality. They have advertised a lot about their writers, their academic qualifications, and their writing quality. They claim that they hire only native English-speaking writers, but in reality, most of the writers have very poor English writing skills and there are a lot of formatting and comprehension mistakes in the papers.

The company does not check the educational backgrounds of the writers before hiring them. They hire cheap writers who are part-timers or high-school students looking for some extra money. This explains the poor quality of papers. Many customers have complained that the papers are incomplete, the content is not relevant to the topics assigned, and contains a lot of grammatical and formatting errors.

There are serious charges of plagiarism as well. Writers are alleged that they copy-paste or paraphrase contents sometimes entire chapters and do not even bother to check the paper properly for authenticity before delivering them. They only use one or two reference sources to write the papers and the quality is so poor that even a secondary school student can write that.

Prices and Discounts

They charge relatively low prices a £10.12 per page for a 14-day delivery deadline. Even the top-rated writing companies charge more for writing high-school content. What astonishes me is their pricing structure. The pricing structure is only based on the deadline and urgency of the paper. It does not depend on the academic level of a student. So, the prices for writing an essay are the same for writing a dissertation paper for a PhD scholar. Surprising right?

It is quite natural that a writer writing doctoral content will charge more for writing a college essay. So, if a writer writing a research paper is paid the same compared to a writer doing rewriting or editing work, how can you expect quality work from him? Where is the incentive? This surely undermines the quality of work they deliver.

They offer a 20% discount for first-timers and also 5 to 15% lifetime discounts for returning customers depending on the number of pages they order. However, there is a lot of discrepancy in what is promised and what is finally delivered. Customers often claim that they do not receive the discounts as promised even after months from delivery.

Money-Back Guarantee

Do not fall for the money-back guarantee trap. There is a whole lot of information and clauses and most of them do not make any sense. On one hand, they promise 100% compensation for the cancellation of orders, on the other hand, they put a clause whereby they claim that clients are authorized to get only 70% if a writer has already been assigned to the order.

Again, the company refuses to compensate for a rush-hour delivery, like a 3-hour or 6-hour delivery. They claim that the quality can be compromised because the writer has to deliver within a short time frame. So, does that mean the customer has to accept poorly written plagiarized content just because the writers can’t handle the pressure? Customers obviously expect good quality work when they are paying more for rush-hour deliveries.

Though the company guarantees the refund payment within 5 business days from confirmation, customers claim that they have to wait for months and do numerous follow-ups and phone calls to get a refund.

Customer Care

They have the worst customer-care team. They are rude, unprofessional, and hardly entertain the customers. The online chat box is there just for show and the customer care executives are hardly ever online. The writers are equally lazy. They hardly respond to your queries and have to wait for hours to get a reply from them.

They accept all kinds of debit/credit cards, VISA, Mastercard, wire transfer, etc.

No customer information is shared with third-party users or even the writers. All customers have a unique ID.


The website does not share the registered address of their office and this makes us questions the reliability of the company.

The writers are unprofessional and under-qualified. They do not bother to follow the instructions properly, produce incomplete papers with endless mistakes, and have very poor writing skills.

Highly plagiarized content. The writers do not follow proper writing guidelines. Most of the papers do not have a proper citation or reference links. A lot of the content is either copied from other sources or simply re-written and customers often complain that their papers are rejected due to high plagiarism issues.

Fake refund policy. It is a scam to cheat the customers.

Late delivery of contents. Customers have argued that many writers miss their deadlines and when asked for compensation they give blatant excuses.

Poor customer support. The customer support team is very unprofessional and slow. Once the order has been put in and the money has been paid, they completely ignore you.

The on-site customer reviews are fake. There are a lot of genuine websites that provide legit customer reviews. You should read them before hiring their services.

Final Verdict

So, do I recommend No, I do not. Though students may find it as one of the cheapest websites on the internet, it is a very bad indication. The company is not trustworthy and there is ample justification that they are clearly compromising on the quality of work. I would recommend students not to fall prey to this company and go for other legitimate websites.

Overall Rating – 2.1/10