Quality of essays is below average. Content does not meet expectations. Customer service is indifferent , our overall experience is negative.
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Topukwriters have a long way to go before they can make it anywhere close to excellence. Students must not rely on this company.

TOP UK Essay Services



Landing on the website is perhaps the only easy task.   What greets the user, at first sight, is the bold letters in white asking the reader to “ Get your paper written by a professional essay writing service” These letters almost get submerged in the ‘books’ background design of the home page. After which, the user may need to scroll up and down several times searching for significant information about the organization and its objectives. If clarity was their objective, they are way off the mark.

Positioning themselves as a bespoke essay writing service in the United Kingdom, they coax students to leave the onerous tasks of academic essay writing to them. They also seem to entice students with the “pay only for approved parts of the paper” carrot.

What a student or prospective client looks for in their quest to find assistance in high school or university essay submissions cannot be found quickly on the website. If a student needs more information to make a decision about choosing the right online writing services company, such information is simply not a click or scroll away.

We searched for vital organization details, history, and inception information. The company is registered in England and Wales. Beyond this, there is nothing more written. We are yet to find these important nuggets of information, which will perhaps lend some authenticity to At the time of writing this review, we are left wondering if they are a legitimate service provider in the writing industry or a complete fraud misleading prospective clients.

Services they offer claim to offer custom essays that cater to academic rules and specific needs of the student community. They also claim that the essays are unique and they are able to deliver them due to their “big team of writers”. They claim to be offering the best advantage to students with custom unique essays from scratch.  They are confident of all types of writing assistance. They claim to assist with an online writer to help students at high school, college, university, and graduate levels.

Some of the types of essays and services they offer are ‘Writing and Editing services’ on all subjects from the law, sociology, political science to finance, literature, nursing, business, and psychology. They also offer proofreading services. In these subjects, they claim to take on admission essays, scholarship essays, argumentative essays, master’s degree essays, and many more.

They say that the highlight of their services is:

Report Writing Services

PhD Help

Essay Writing Service

PhD Writing Services

Thesis Writing Services

The essay services mentioned have a hyperlink, but we found no content after clicking the link. What we see is just the home page with the same information.

Writing Team

Topukwriter claims to have a ‘gigantic’ team of writers that are specialized in different domains or subjects. Apparently, the writers belong to The United Kingdom. Their site also mentions their team of writers are from both the United States and the United Kingdom. They claim to meet all writing needs from A to Z. Allegedly, the writers can deliver if a student needs a paper to be submitted in several hours. They also claim their writers can write essays, dissertations, and coursework, and research papers. They also brag that their writers know all academic requirements and rules, possess the following attributes.

Good writing abilities

The grip of the English language

Good communication and support to customer

Ability to meet deadlines

Good knowledge in the domain

Writer profiles are conspicuously missing. A client may never know the qualifications of the writer.  It is a generalized description of the team. There is no statistic of the number of writers or their specialization.

Prices and discounts

The order tabulation starts with 1000 words. There are no detailed pricing or discounts details that an information seeker can get from the website. The pricing has no discount offer or the total amount to be paid.  They say it includes no hidden amount and is VAT inclusive. However, the order needs to be 10,000 words for all these to be applicable. Although there is a provision for keying in a discount code, we could not get any code when we placed our order.

The pricing and discount policy is not very clear on the website. We could not find any discount prerequisites or a promo code for first-time users

Customer support

The registered address is mentioned on the website. They claim to have their offices in England and Wales. There is a number provided on the website that is also on Whatsapp. A

Apart from this, no online screen assistance exists. Clients can get in touch via email too. We did not see a chatbox system for immediate inquiries.


The positive features about this site are:

Interesting blogs about essay writing

Home page has an aesthetic design

Payment is possible via pay pal and credit cards both VISA and master

All currencies are accepted


Sketchy and ambiguous organization details

The online writing service is based on credibility and trust. These two factors are dependent on genuine information. Apart from the address of the company, there is no information about the inception of the company or the team behind it. We all know that a company is successful because of its people. To be evasive about vital information does not sit well in this business.

Poor quality of essays

Although, the site is proud of what it calls a specialized team of writers with domain specialty, the quality of the content was NOT found to be relevant to the topic in 8 out of 10 deliveries. Further, the flow of most essays was not logical and had too many grammatical and typographical errors. These are basic expectations from an essay writing service. Although the service has mentioned that they have an expert quality check reviewer to evaluate the essays before submission, there was nothing to show that these steps were actually followed.

Customer service reviews have put down the writing service from Topukwriter citing amateurish work. One particular review was scathing with remarks that high school writers were hired to write college, university essays. Further, the non-availability of sample essays is akin to making blind decisions. Students learn only by burning their fingers. Tutors graded the essays very poorly and this was no doubt a setback in the academic performance.

Delayed deadlines

Apart from the content being substandard, students had to follow up amid their tough schedule to review the essay. When deadlines are delayed, students are already on the defensive. Further, they are left with little time to ask for revisions or editing. What suffers is the grades resulting in an overall dip in performance.


This is the obvious outcome if the standards of writers hired are below average. With no specific domain knowledge or power of language, writers hired for the interim, dish out shoddy plagiarised content. Although they have claimed that all orders come with a free plagiarised report, most orders did not include it.

Missing terms and conditions

Scour the website but you will never find the terms and conditions anywhere on the website. It is surprising that after all the claims of a well-established company, clients cannot visually see any legal terms and conditions on the site.

There is a privacy policy with a means to click and read. Shockingly, on clicking the user reverts to the home page.

We are left to wonder if this is a site under construction when it is not so.

Inadequate website information

This is the first place a prospective client wants to check to evaluate the chance of establishing an association. Brevity is the soul of wit, but in this case, it is selective brevity with what could be a deliberate attempt to withhold information. A lot of important information is missing. There is a provision of clicking a link to know more about the different types of essays on offer. Unfortunately, there is no content available under any of the essay offerings.

Patchy Customer support

A Whatsapp number that also doubles up as a telephone communication number is a way for customers to contact. Another option is email.

Reviews show frustrated customers explaining long gaps in communication from the team. The telephone call goes unanswered or it is an unprofessional response. There is no follow-up or resolution to any of the concerns.

Overall score


Final verdict

TopUKwriter is a disappointment for discerning students that aspire to perform well in their school, college, or university.  The company needs to really overhaul their writing, quality, and service team especially if they want to remain a player in this highly competitive market.  There are important parameters that every prospective client verifies before they choose their writing service provider. Glaring loopholes in quality and service cannot be pushed under the carpet. It is wise for students to always check the reviews, do their own research, and choose others that have proved their mettle in the industry.